FEARLESS by Borondo

2 80gms printed papers with pen marks protected by a paint stained plastic sleeve sealed with masking tape.

Size: 30.5 x 23.5cm Aprox.

Signed by the artist.

Sketch used for for one of the murals done at PUBLIC Festival in Albany (Australia) in April 2016

FEARLESS in Borondo’s website

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Spanish born Gonzalo Borondo started drawing and expressing himself through art since his childhood but it was when he moved to Madrid in 2003 when he started to interact within the streets using different techniques but always keeping a strong relationship between the space and those who live in it.

Borondo is a master of “Scratch Art”, reverse painting and massive mural interventions born from the dialogue with the context and the physical space in which he places his work. Since 2012 he has presented exhibition projects in galleries and museums all over Europe where he expresses through multiple media and materials, suggesting paths and reflections through paintings and multimedia installations.

Gonzalo Borondo website

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