Flags 4 Domes/After Flood Absences


Flags 4 Domes/After Flood Absences by Pablo Delgado

Cut outs and acrylic pens on cardboard with an orange cardboard on the back to highlight the characters absences.

Size: 19.5 x 9.7cm Aprox.

Signed by the artist.

The characters cut from here were used on the pieces Flags 3 Domes and After Flood produced for the Arcane Arcade in 2018 at Nelly Duff Gallery in London.

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Mexican contemporary artist Pablo Delgado has been spreading his miniature hand coloured photo paste ups (each one with its pavement shadow to give it that 3D feeling) since 2011.

Everything started with lots of little doors popping out in a very short period of time in the London streets. These doors opened and gave the artist’s mind the freedom to create and show us his surrealistic and humorous world full of people, animals and everyday objects being part of everyday life scenes at its best.

Pablo’s work always invites the viewer to interact with it, not only in the streets but also with his studio work in which he often plays with reflections, lights and shadows and also within absence.

Pablo had his debut solo show at Pure Evil Gallery in London in 2012 and since then he has showed his work around Europe, Mexico, Canada and USA. His work has appeared in multiple Street Art documenting books.