Mamasita Tattoo Sheet


Mamasita Tattoo Sheet by Pang

Inkpen on sketchbook page.

Final design for the Temporary Tattoo Sheet at Pang’s Mamasita show in London.

Size: A4 (29.7 x 21cm)

Signed by the artist.

In stock

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Pang is a classically trained artist, having studied 16th-century oil painting in Italy for four years and developing the portraiture technique known as “sight-size”.

Since returning to London nearly a decade ago she has widened her practice but returns to her classical roots frequently.

Exploring themes of psychology, mass social behaviour and the human form, her work contains a grisly, humorous narrative that vividly expresses her morbidly curious and direct nature. Not wishing to leave things as they are, this artist wants nothing other than for people to ask themselves the more awkward questions regarding social facade, the inner-self and humanity’s constant struggle between the two.


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